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PlexCom Clients PlexCom Online Services™ is a nationwide collaborative of web developers, graphic designers and business professionals working together to build your web solution. While timely and efficient, PlexComOLS excels at delivering full websites in a fraction of the time and cost of our competition, and with a higher level of service and customer satisfaction. Find out why PlexComOLS has never lost a client, and has continued to grow, even while the economy was struggling.

There are two reasons why we can do this. The first is that we maintain very low overhead. Rather than keeping expensive offices, PlexComOLS' developers work out of their homes, coming to your place of work for meetings. This allows us to forego real estate expenses and pass the savings on to you, the customer. Second, PlexComOLS is passionately focused on three main customer types:

  1. Small Businesses
  2. Non-Profits & Organizations
  3. Families and Individuals
This focus allows us to understand our customers better and faster than firms with a broader scope. That ends up saving you money and time as we can build your site rapidly while still truly understanding your unique situation.

We welcome you to explore our site, learn more about PlexComOLS, and contact us with any questions or comments you may have. At PlexComOLS, customers always come first.


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